Forever Yours: Aussie Native Blooms Preserved in Resin

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  Hey there, brides-to-be! If you're         planning your dream wedding in 2023   and you're all about that unique,   down-under flair, then you've probably   heard about the latest bouquet trend,   Australian native flowers. They're all   the rage right now, and it's no wonder   why! With their bold colours, unique   shapes, and that unmistakable Aussie   charm, these blooms are stealing the   bridal spotlight. And guess what? You   can keep their beauty alive forever   with a little help from Mojo Collections!

In 2023, Aussie native flowers are stealing the show when it comes to bridal bouquets. They're not your average blooms. Nope! They're wild, untamed, and utterly captivating. From the iconic Waratah to the delicate Kangaroo Paw, these flowers are like Mother Nature's artwork. And let's not forget those fiery Banksias that add a pop of colour to any bouquet. They're like little pieces of Australia's natural beauty, right in your hands.

Why Preserve Your Australian Native Bouquet?

  1. Relive Your Magical Day: Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and your bouquet is a star player in those cherished memories. Preserving it means you can relive the beauty and emotions of that unforgettable day whenever you want.

  2. Create a One-of-a-Kind Keepsake: Aussie native flowers are anything but ordinary. They're exotic, vibrant, and utterly unique. Turning them into a resin keepsake ensures your bouquet remains as fresh and vibrant as the day you walked down the aisle.

  3. Hold onto the Symbolism: Many Aussie native flowers have special meanings. The Waratah symbolises unity and love, while the Kangaroo Paw is a sign of protection. Preserving these blooms lets you carry their symbolism with you always.

At Mojo Collections, we're all about preserving the magic. We're experts in the art of resin flower preservation. Every bouquet is a unique work of art, and Mojo Collections' skilled artisans take pride in creating custom, everlasting keepsakes. When you choose Mojo Collections, you're not just preserving flowers; you're preserving memories, emotions, and the heart of your special day.


Mojo Collections offers a range of possibilities to turn your Aussie native flower bouquet into a stunning keepsake. Whether you want a free-standing block, a lamp, wall art, or something totally unique, we're up for the challenge!

Aussie native flowers are the hottest thing in bridal bouquets, bringing a touch of that Aussie charm to weddings all over. If you're planning to include these stunners in your big day, think about preserving their beauty with resin flower preservation. Mojo Collections is your go-to for making sure your bouquet continues to bloom for a lifetime. Give them a shout, and let your Aussie native blooms shine on! 🌿✨

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