Here you will find our frequently asked questions surrounding the flower preservation and resin casting service we offer. Scroll down further to find our FAQ's on our timber and resin art products.

Can I get something made in a different colour?

Yes. If you have a specific colour scheme in mind, simply chat to us about your ideas when we phone to confirm and discuss your order.

How long does the process of flower preservation and resin casting take?

The time taken to preserve fresh flowers varies between flower types. Some do take a little longer than others and the average time is approx 2 - 4 weeks.

Resin Casting is a longer process and the general quoted time for any flower preservation and casting is 10 - 12 weeks. 

Can I post my flowers to you?

Absolutely! A little more preparation is required when posting fresh flowers, and you can view our complete list of instructions here.

Can you use artificial / silk flowers in a resin casting?

Definitely! Artificial flowers look amazing in resin!! 

Do I have to book in advance?

Absolutely! Dates are very limited, so yes, please book in advance to avoid disappointment. We understand that sometimes it is difficult to book in advance when working with memorial pieces, so I always leave a little bit of space in the calendar for these special creations. Please get in touch directly, to chat about your requirements if time is of the essence.

How long will my keepsake last?

Your flowers once encased in resin will last forever! Once sealed, they will no longer be susceptible to humidity, dust, bugs etc. Over a period of time, the resin will change colour slightly and darken. Keep your keepsake out of the harsh sunlight and you will enjoy it's purity for many years. 

Do I have to send all of my flowers?

If you would like to keep some of your flowers, simply send us the ones you would like included in your keepsake. Flowers do shrink when preserved so bear that in mind when selecting your blooms, and ensure you send plenty for our floral designers to choose from. Always pack lots of foliage and filler pieces to fill any gaps 

How do I care for my item?

All resined surfaces can simply be wiped over with a damp cloth. Timber surfaces can be washed with warm soapy water but it is not recommended for the piece to be submerged in water. These pieces are NOT dishwasher safe. Once cleaned, dry with a cloth and then leave to air dry. Keep out of direct sunlight. 

For more care instructions, click here

Can I get something made in a different size? 

Yes. We are happy to custom create a piece for you in the size you wish. Please note that pricing will be calculated on size and amount of products used to create the item. Shipping costs may differ depending on weight and size of item. Simply complete this enquiry form in the main menu to discuss your requirements and we will send you a quote.

Can I cut food on my serving board?

Avoid cutting on the resined section of any piece. This will damage the finish. It is recommended to use small dishes to hold food items displayed on the resin section of the board. The timber part on any board is oiled with a food safe protective oil and is suitable for food preparation and display.