How To Ship Your Fresh Flowers

With a little care and preparation, your beautiful blooms can be shipped directly to Mojo Collections to be created into an everlasting keepsake. 

It is a good idea to have someone nominated to follow these instructions after your special day or event, to ensure your flowers arrive in our studio as quickly as possible. 

IMPORTANT - Keep your flowers hydrated. Have them in fresh water and out of the sun / heat as much as possible. To ensure the best results, flowers need to be shipped 1-2 days after your event - the sooner the better!

If you are hand delivering your flowers, please contact us to arrange a drop off time and you will not need to package your flowers - simply keep them in water and arrange drop off ASAP. 

You will need the following items and equipment. It is a good idea to have these all on hand prior to the event to avoid any confusion or stress. 

  • Large cardboard box
  • Packaging tape
  • Tissue paper / Butchers paper / Newspaper
  • Glad Bag - Medium to large size
  • Paper towel
  • Scissors
  • 2 x Elastic bands


Measure the size / height of your bouquet and evenly trim off stems until the flowers will fit nicely into the cardboard box. Once trimmed, put them back into a vase of water for 10 minutes to have one final drink before being packaged.

STEP 2. 

Soak paper towel in water and wrap securely around the stems. Ensure that the paper towel makes good contact with the trimmed part of the stem as this is where the flower draws it's water from. Secure with an elastic band and then put into the plastic glad bag. Secure this with an elastic band also.

STEP 3. 

Scrunch up some paper and fill the bottom of the cardboard box until about 1/3 full. Make a well in the centre for the bouquet to stand in. It is important to keep the flowers upright to prevent any blooms or foliage being crushed under the weight of the rest of the bouquet. 

STEP 4. 

Once the bouquet is in place, continue to scrunch the paper in and around the flowers until all is secure. Loosely place a flat piece of paper over the top of the bouquet as well. 


Tape up box securely and use a dark marker to add some upward pointing arrows on each side of the box and write "FRESH FLOWERS" and "THIS WAY UP". On the top of the box, add the shipping address which you will find below.


Take the package to your local post office and ensure you ask for EXPRESS POSTAGE. Mail can be a little slow here in regional QLD, but posting EXPRESS will ensure that your flowers will arrive as soon as they possibly can. 

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that you include the name of the person that the keepsake is for, in the package or on the box. I would hate to get your bouquet mixed up with someone elses! 

You've done great! Here is the shipping address and contact details if you have any questions or difficulties.


Mojo Collections

31 Evelyn St

Zilzie QLD, 4710

Ph: 0439 313 386