Here at Mojo Collections, we have a strong focus on sustainability and keeping our footprint on this earth as small as possible. 

We are very conscious of where our timber comes from and the impact it will have on the planet. We aim to use timbers that come only from sustainable sources and package our products in fully recyclable materials. Items such as mixing cups and mixing sticks are used many times over, reducing our contribution to waste and landfill. 

Every piece of our packaging is fully compostable and recyclable. From natural raffia twine, recycled brown paper, brown kraft tape, hexagonal packaging paper and corrugated cardboard to our labels, swing tags and care cards which are all printed on recycled material and are re-recyclable. 

Our timbers are sustainably sourced and the main two types of timber used in creating the Mojo Collections range are Camphor Laurel and Spotted Gum.

Camphor Laurel has been deemed a noxious weed in Northern NSW and South East QLD, so the removal of this species of tree allows our native species to thrive in their natural environment. 

The Spotted Gum timber we use is endorsed by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and is traceable to a sustainably managed forest. This means that the forestry of this timber product is practised in an environmentally responsible and socially beneficial manner. 

So in choosing a beautiful piece from Mojo Collections, not only do you get a beautiful, unique and handcrafted piece of functional art, but our environment also gets the benefit too!