About the Artist and Mojo Collections

My name is Christie and I live on the stunningly, beautiful Capricorn Coast in Queensland, Australia. I have always lived on the coast and love everything about the ocean which has inspired me to use the ocean theme in a lot of my artwork. More recently, I have discovered just how important it is to preserve significant moments in time. and now spend the majority of my time creating contemporary, preserved flower resin keepsakes. 

My creative experiments over the years have lead me to the flowing challenges that resin brings, and I am now so lucky to be able to call art my full time profession. I work with timber and resin to create modern resin keepsakes using bridal bouquets and memorial flowers, as well as functional art pieces such as lazy susans, serving boards, clocks, wall art, furniture and custom made creations.

Art to me is something that has the possibility to evoke emotion within ourselves. Whether it be your favourite colours, a scene that reminds you of somewhere you've been, or just something that invites you to look deeper within the piece, art speaks to us on so many different levels. 

My aim is to create meaningful pieces of art that hold memories and life's special moments for all to see and share.